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OUR GOAL:  Our current fundraising goal is to raise enough money to hire a full-time staff member to constantly reach out to the media, strategic partners, podcasters, bloggers, and more. Achieving this goal will significantly accelerate the movement. To accomplish this goal, we need $5,000 in monthly donations.

HOW TO DONATE: To donate, please choose a monthly donation amount (as little as $5/month) and then click the yellow button. On the next page, you'll have the option to either enter your credit card info, or log in to paypal.

CANCELLING A MONTHLY DONATION: You can cancel your monthly donation anytime by using the PayPal subscription management feature -- so you're always in control -- or by emailing contact@WinWinWIn.org.

EVERY DONATION HELPS!  Small donations add up and big donors like to see lots of small donors. So no matter the size of your donation, your donation will help make the world a much better place.

The WinWinWIn movement is a project of The Pentanomic Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit public charity.  If you're in the U.S., your donation is tax-deductible as per IRS guidelines. Please consult a tax attorney if you have any questions about your particular situation.