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The Win-Win-Win movement was started by the Pentanomic Institute, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Littleton, Colorado.

OUR MISSION: We are working to end the current era of political division and begin a new, more mature political era.  In this new, more mature political era, a divide will still exist, but with the discovery of the Win-Win-Win Solution, we can imagine the political spectrum finally coming together on the big things -- the fundamental things.  And if we can come together on the fundamentals, we can start having more mature discussions about everything -- even the things we still disagree on.

OUR PLAN: Our plan is to educate the masses about a fundamental truth--that the laws of economics necessarily govern ALL human action, not just private action

HOW WILL THAT END THE CURRENT ERA OF POLITICAL DIVISION?  It's all about solving the root problem in society--our own ignorance about how to properly govern. To get the full story, please watch the videos on our home page.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: You can help by sharing this website with friends, subscribing to our news feed, donating, and volunteering

Founder, Rick Raddatz, Discussing

Political Philosophy at a Conference